The Three Musketeers3 musketeers poster

By Mike Ames & Steve Allen

Produced at the Madcap Theatre, Wolverton, on 6th, 7th, 8th December, 2007


Sally Hulme D'Artagnan
Barry Hardwick and Georges Roudaut Buttercup
Hilary Morris Camembert
Faisal Mohiuddin Fromage
Pauline Wright Old Woman
Shirley Jones Athos
Sarah Marshall Porthos
Alex Tsang Aramis
Jenny Tygrys A Lady
Steve Allen Cardinal Richelieu
Karen Williams Milady De Winter
Faisal Mohiuddin Cyrano
Tim Gorman, Georges Roudaut, Jenny Tygrys Cardinal's Guards
Mick Taylor Bonacieux
Nancy Stevens Constance
Ian Nutt Queen
Steve Allen Buckingham
Barry Hardwick King
Jenny Tygrys Maid
Tim Gorman Landlord
Ian Nutt Prisoner
Mick Taylor Turnkey
Barry Hardwick Hughie

Pianists - Geoff Long and Rose Callow

Directed by Mike Ames