Time to Die?

Time to Die?Poster Image

A duo of one-act plays

Friday 29th & Saturday 30th July 2016

Both performances start at 8.00 pm

The Ellen Pettit Memorial Hall
4 High Street,
Woburn Sands

Milton Keynes MK17 8RH

Fates Thread 

by Stephen Bean

An amateur production by arrangement with Stagescripts

About the Play

It isn’t easy being dead - especially when the rules say there’s no rest if someone’s been wicked.
In this murder mystery delivered by Tread The Boards, longstanding ghosts Alice and Harriet have to help newcomer Susan to come to terms with exactly how she passed over or she might be taken by the "things". Fate's Thread is a comedy, a ghost story and a race against time to save a lost soul.


Blood on Canvas

by Richard James

An amateur production by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts

About the Play

Maddie is beginning to establish herself as a successful artist but her studio and gallery are situated in a remote area with a killer seemingly on the loose. When Art collector Stella arrives it becomes clear that one of them is the killer and the tension rises inexorably to the shocking final denouement.