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Jane Eyre (2013)

Atmospheric romance from the mid 19th Century

Written by: Willis Hall from the novel by Charlotte Bronte
Directed by: Brian Brooks

Cast List

Jane Eyre : Rebecca Walters
Edward Rochester : Chris Watkins
John, Groom, Porter, Briggs, Builder : Faisal Mohiuddin
Bessie, Orphan, Girl, Kitty : Carmel Byrne
Miss Abbot, Mrs Fairfax, woman : Hilary Morris
Mrs Reed, Bertha, Shopkeeper : Jo Blume
Mr Brocklehurst, Richard Mason : Brian Brooks
Miss Temple, Blanche, Diana : Juliet Thompson
Leah, Mary, orphan : Pauline Gruner
Grace Poole, Barbara, Lady Ingram, Hannah : Shirley Jones
Mr Naismith, Lord Ingram, Rev Wood, St John : Steve Allen
Helen, Adele, Mary Rivers : Alex Tsang

Production Team

Production Officer : Lisa Greaves
Stage Manager : Jenny Tygrys
Lights : Ange Davies
Sound : Brian Vaughan
Piano : Geoff Long
Jane Eyre (2013)

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