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Sleeping Beauty (2011)

an old story with fresh twists

Written by: Chris Sims
Directed by: Chris Sims

Cast List

Mary the cook : Jade Stephenson
Betty the housekeeper : Steve Allen
King William : Salli Belsham
Queen Hilary : Jenny Tygrys
Chamberlain : Kay McCormick
Fairy Cake : Matthew Smith
Fairy Light : Sarah Marshall
Fairy Nuff : Faisal Mohuiddin
Gronchkin and Prince : Pauline Gruner
Apprentice : Alex Tsang
Princess Caroline : Becky Walters
Harry : John Hopkins
Farmer : Sally Rosengrove
Farmer : Juliet Thompson
Farmer and Chamberlain : Chris Sims
Spatula : Laura Brown
Vlad the Inhaler : Lance Brown
Daisy and Princess : Jitka Listanska
Daisy : Madeleine Calpin

Production Team

Stage Manager : Brian Brooks
Assistant Stage Manager : Denise Robertson
Lights : Ange Davies
Sound : Andy Spencer
Costume : Janet Spindler
Set Design : Jenny Tygrys
Music : Ross Thompson
Production Officer : Lisa Greaves
Choreography : Rebecca Walters
Sleeping Beauty (2011)

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