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Alice's Wonderland Adventure (2018)

A family show freely adapted from the Lewis Carroll Wonderland novels blending songs, humour and unforgettable characters

Written by: Mike Ames
Directed by: Mike Ames

Cast List

Alice : Juliet Thompson
Lorina : Louise Tuson
White Rabbit : Sarah Marshall
Caterpillar : Danny Warwick
Cheshire Cat : Ben Johnson
March Hare : Rod Eyre
Mad Hatter : Steve Allen
Dormouse : Mike Ames
Red Knave : Rebecca Walters
Solider : Louise Tuson
Solider : Faisal Mohiuddin
Tweedledee : Kelly-Anne Bray
Tweedledum : Faisal Mohiuddin
Duchess : Danny Warwick
Red Queen : Cecile Whidborne
White Queen : Jenny Tygrys
Humpty Dumpty : Rod Eyre
Jabberwock : Mike Ames

Production Team

Production Officer : Lisa Greaves
StageManager : Jenny Tygrys
Set : Mike Ames
Set : Jenny Tygrys
Props : Karen Smith
Light : Matt Crowhurst
Sound : Kal Wells
Make-up : Louise Tuson
Costume : Janet Spindler
Costume : Salli Belsham
Programme Design : Jenni Jackson
Alice's Wonderland Adventure (2018)

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