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Rats (London cast) (2021)

A mini panto combining the stories of Dick Whittington and the Pied Piper of Hamelin

Written by: Shirley Jones & Annette Probert & Mike Ames
Directed by: Shirley Jones / Annette Probert

Cast List

King Rat : Mike Ames
Dick Whittington : Ben Dards
Pied Piper : Shirley Jones
Alderman Fitzwarren : Rod Eyre
Alice Fitzwarren : Jane Bliss
Mayor : Linda Cartwright
Dame : Michael Spours
Cat : Katherine Johnson
Rat 1 - Lola : Alex Tsang
Rat 2 - Normsky : Pauline Gruner
Rats : Ben Johnson
Rats : Teresa Wales
Baker of Hamelin : Jenny Tygrys
Cooking helpers : Tracy Keene
Cheese Maker of Hamelin : Salli Belsham

Production Team

Lights : Open University
Sound : Barny Daly
Sound : Grace Daly
Sound : Ross Thompson
Costume : Janet Spindler
Costume : Salli Belsham
Set : Open University Theatre Group and etc theatre company
Programme Design : Jenni Jackson
Rats (London cast) (2021)

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